Exclusively stream ‘Warleigh Manor’, featuring Allan Holdsworth

Ahead of the publication of the Allan Holdsworth biography ‘Devil Take The Hindmost’ by Ed Chang, the very good people at Jazz in Britain have allowed Facelift an exclusive stream of the entire contents of a rarity unearthed during research for the book, to be released on April 15th 2020, the same day as the biography.

Warleigh Manor: The Ron Mathewson Tapes Vol. 1 features Allan Holdsworth, Ray Warleigh (ex Soft Machine), Ron Mathewson and Bryan Spring in a free blow from (probably) 1979.

inside CD

Many thanks to Matt Parker from Jazz in Britain for allowing us to share this with you.

Full ordering details for the album at https://jazzinbritain1.bandcamp.com/releases

devil cover

Full details of how to order ‘Devil Take The Hindmost’ to follow…


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