Elton Dean Quartet – On Italian Roads – full streamed preview exclusive to Facelift!

Thanks to Matt Parker of British Progressive Jazz, we have, for a limited time period only, an exclusive full stream on the Facelift blog of the forthcoming new release showcasing the Elton Dean Quartet live in Italy in 1979, featuring alongside Elton the late Keith Tippett, Harry Miller and Louis Moholo Moholo.

Canterbury scene fans will recognise a highly charged version of Elton’s epic composition ‘Seven For Lee‘ (Soft Head, Ninesense), as well as the track ‘Fara’ which also appeared on the Soft Heap album (and about which I conversed with trombonist Radu Malfatti recently)… plus much more besides.

Full ordering details below. The CD booklet features extensive liner notes by Riccardo Bergerone and Roberto Ottaviano but is also available as a download.

The CD Booklet includes dozens of previously unseen images of the quartet by Sergio Balletti and Carlo Verri.

On Italian Roads (Live at Teatro Cristallo, Milan, 1979) by Elton Dean Quartet

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