Imminent Yes tour showcasing ‘Close To The Edge’ to be dedicated to to the memory of Alan White

Alan White

Very excited to be attending Yes’ performance of the classic 1972 album ‘Close To The Edge’ at the Bridgwater Hall in Manchester next weekend, an occasion sure to be tinged with sadness as the line-up will now no longer feature drummer Alan White, who died suddenly a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, the band and its album ‘Close To The Edge’ in particular were probably my proper first introduction to progressive music back in the early 1980s and the album’s performance (replacing an original pre-COVID plan to showcase the 1974 ‘Relayer’ album) will represent the first time I have seen the band live, despite having interviewed original drummer Bill Bruford for Facelift in the 1990s, and having written sleevenotes for an Isotope’s ‘Live At The BBC’ (Hux Records) which included the appearance of keyboard player Geoff Downes.

The current Yes line-up includes Steve Howe on guitar, alongside Geoff Downes, Jon Davison (lead vocals) and Billy Sherwood (bass guitar and backing vocals). Jay Schellen will take Alan White’s place behind the drum kit.

The Close to the Edge show will comprise full production and high definition video wall directed by Andy Clark and featuring the artwork of Roger Dean who will also be joining the tour with an exhibition of YES related art

Full list of dates below. Tickets at

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