How to support our musicians on Bandcamp Friday!


In these uncertain times, I’m seeing lots of posts from musicians we all know and love who are having gigs cancelled left right and centre with no immediate prospect of any income from live performances.

Thought it might be a good time to post a list of links to musicians we can all support through their bandcamp pages – Bandcamp are waiving commission fees tomorrow, which presumably means that more money from sales goes to the artists.

The list is, I’m sure far from exhaustive at this stage (and not all links are Bandcamp ones) , but please feel free to contact me with additional links I can potentially add…

(And I appreciate that many others apart from musicians are being affected economically at the moment)


Soft Machine

Planet Gong – go to the Bazaar page

Caravan –

Steve Hillage

Dave Stewart –

Daevid Allen –

Theo Travis –

Ian East –

Fabio Golfetti –

Dave Sturt –

Kavus Torabi –, Utopia Strong

Mark Hewins –

Friendly labels

Discus –

Moonjune –

Phil Miller Legacy – lots of freebies!

Jazz in Britain  –

Links to other stuff we’ve reviewed:

Zopp –

Cary Grace –

Lapis Lazuli –

Invisible Opera Company of Tibet –

Magic Bus –

Diratz –

Ultramarine –

System 7 –

Manna Mirage –


Andy Bole –

Wizards of Twiddly –

Gong Expresso –

Soften The Glare –

Acid Mothers Temple –

Syd Arthur –

Magick Brother & Mystic Sister –

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